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Spiritual communication for those who desire to grow closer to God

If you could talk to Heaven, what questions would you ask?  Would you want to know how you were created and for what reason?  Would you ask about your purpose on this earth, and how you can live most successfully?  Perhaps you would want to know what to expect when you die? 

When Heaven began to speak to me, I had those questions and more.  Though much of the information was new for me, I have since learned that the answers have been available throughout the ages for those curious enough to seek them out.  God's plan has not changed and is not hidden; yet, we must earnestly seek to understand and work to gain the knowledge He wants to share with us.  

Very early on, after receiving this gift of communication, my messengers in Heaven asked me to receive a message that would be published as a book for others to read.  They titled the book A Guide to Love.  The purpose of this website is to make that book available.  Follow the links to see excerpts from the book as well as my attempts to summarize the chapters for your convenience. 

A Guide to Love is being offered through Amazon as a 99 cent Kindle download or a paperback book.  The cost of the book is as low as possible to cover the cost of publication; however, if any royalties do result from it they will be donated to charity.

The purpose of the book and this website is to pass on the communications I have received.  I hope they will be as informative and trans-formative for you as they have been for me. 

Jean Marie
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